Turn Of Another Page

Dear Visitor,

You’ve stumbled upon what is currently my online outlet for the things I would normally share with family and friends, but am either too shy or ashamed to present. Previous attempts to publish journal entries, photos and memoirs have ultimately failed due to my insufferable pride; those blogs dedicated to creating a physical retelling of past pains and events always seemed to leave me in a less-than-ideal state of mind.

Reflection is a tool for the most humble of wise men, but it can also be a way for the weak to continue to be bound by past sins and transgressions. I am one of the weak, as fate would have it, but I want this to be a project that I undertake for my memory’s sake; additionally, it seems that I will use this as a repository for my previous pieces, as a way to further digitally archive ME. It would pain me dearly to lose all that I have religiously recorded by way of having flash/hard drive back ups be destroyed. As I said before, there were two other attempts to do this, but it ended in regret. To unearth hurt and trials is quite the tricky task without falling back in the pit I was in. But hell, it sure makes for a good read, nonetheless.

Please enjoy what I have to offer and will continue to post.

My life is an open book: Turn the pages with me.



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