CDCs Suck (03Jan16)

PSC Desk
Ramstein AB, DE

Typing just for the hell of it is one of the most boring things I can come up with. I’m supposed to be working on CDCs now, but I’m a little too embarrassed right now to work on them; I’ve got about 20 pages left to work on, and it’s all due tomorrow… Fuck my life… But, it’s all mostly reading, so I’ll do just fine. I also have tomorrow off from work, so I will see if I am able to stretch that time out from the start of my usual shift to whenever I absolutely need to turn my first volume into SSgt. Bronson. *Sigh*, these days never seem to be without at least one tablespoon of stress that dashes about behind the scenes. Guess that’s just the way it’s going to be until the end of these infernal tests and training periods cease.

I certainly cannot wait to be done.

Training in the Air Force is like the physical side of a human being’s aging process. It doesn’t ever stop until you’re finished with it. Whether you separate, retire, or (G-d forbid) die in combat, you’ll never see the end to your training. It’s pretty sad, but that means we’ll never stop having the chance to refine our skill set and knowledge in our career path…

It just sucks that I got placed in 2T2X1…

This job is fine, though. I know it’s an essential part of the AF mission and we aid in the fight against global terrorism, but it’s so mundane and dry most of the time. I have a receptionist’s job right now while working at PSC, basically! For crying out loud, I didn’t give up my simple life back in the states and sign my life away to give people a cheap chance to fly S/A… Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded being put in the front lines with a rifle in hand. I want to feel like I’m actually making a difference and doing my part to end this futile conflict. Instead, my colorblindness has placed me in an air terminal, where anxious masses attempt to travel for no cost on leave.

Some difference I’m making, huh?

At least place me on the flight line working Fleet services or something… Being cooped up at the front desk is draining me; this’ll certainly be the death of my morale if Command follows through with approving the 12-hour shift change starting after the holidays conclude. Unless I find another outlet to relieve the stresses (besides sitting in my room or sex with prostitutes), I’ll simply go mad!


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