Happy Birthday, Scumbag Pt. II (07Jun15)

9 Days until Shipping

Well, it’s been a fairly good day for me. I was just very glad to have been able to stay in the house all day, and not have to come into contact with anyone. The family was warm and very happy for me; my mother had the worst of the emotional ties this occasion brought. I found her crying in her room earlier today around noon. She kept saying that time flew by too fast for her, and that she wanted me to stay home. With me not knowing the connection that lies between a mother and her son, I found it hard to understand why she was mourning so heavily. I mean, there will surely be a time coming up when I’ll bawl my eyes out from me missing her, but the thought of me leaving ALONE was enough to break her down.

This is going to be harder than I thought.

One thing I’m going to miss about the birthdays I’ll hopefully have in the future (aside from the obvious, “being around family and celebrating along side them” side of it) is the little candy bags my parents create for David and I. I remember them starting this little tradition when I had just turned eight years old. My mother had told both of us the evening before when she got home from work that she was going to have a surprise waiting for me after I woke up in the morning. So, you can pretty much imagine how excited my younger self was to find a bag full of candy sitting on one of the living room couches. I hopped right out of bed as early as I could manage and ran to the sight of the candy, along with a plastic replica of Qui-gon Jinn’s lightsaber leaning against the blue bag. Oh goodness, I couldn’t have been more happy to see all of those gifts!

My brother got a similar bag of goodies, but he got Obiwan’s lightsaber… Which birthed the years of imaginary saber battles and Jedi role playing that I enjoyed so much. That, along with the Xbox we received shortly after, sums up my ENTIRE childhood… Countless hours of fun I had with my brother was made possible because of my mother’s gifts to us and our infinite imagination. Sure, we played in storage boxes downstairs and were content with using bed rails in the place of lightsabers before then, but with those plastic toys, we actually felt like Jedi… It might seem silly and juvenile to anyone who didn’t know us both growing up, but that was what we woke up every single day to do. We’d play our Nickelodeon games on the Xbox, then RP until it was time to eat dinner.

That was the life…



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