Unfurled Dreams

 With southern winds to her back,
The little sparrow returned over the Wall,
Eager to paint for the old man the thousand subtle suns
She saw awaken and flutter over the deep nightfall.

Those dazzling dots were not afraid
To pour glory into her curious, burning heart;
The veiled void she watched scaled abroad like a canvas,
Whisking a web of clouds that engulfed a blushing moon.
The sparrow swayed rhythmically with the bubbling sea
While her speckled Jewel polished her soft breath’s streams.

Our feathered observer watched these theatrics, mystified;
The heavenly hosts showered a cooling essence over the land
Swiftly enough for the sweetest honey to become tasteless
In the wake of such deep bliss and beauty!


As Jade rested happily on her perch,
Repeating the night’s magical displays
The old man looked to the newborn horizon in thought.
“I long to ask why she said the clouds tasted of unfurled dreams…
Perhaps I may journey beyond the Wall
And spoon a bit of that expanse for myself.”



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