The Trouble With Words

I hate the words of man and the walls that limit their flavor,
For the things I have to say aren’t ever really given the right light.
Each structured sentence and phrase can’t truly grasp the sight
Of all the memories, sensations, and smells I long to savor.
Neither pen nor skill-drenched stanza can paint these visions
That I cling to and cherish for comfort’s interest …
Should I only rely on my mind’s crystal, crisp precision
To relive and remember the happiness you’ve brought to exist?

In the same way that my tongue lacks the power to preserve
The emotion that was held in the moments of past events,
There aren’t many earth-shattering descriptions to reserve
For my telling of how in my heart, your glory represents.
I could spend decades and moon phases and years on end
Conjuring new ways to describe how my heart sings of joy unknown
When your smile reflects the serenity of the cool ocean’s bend,
(And whilst I absorb your splendor and make it my own)…
But each day I devote myself to those efforts, I sometimes realize
That my mind and heart aren’t closed in like the strokes of my quill.
No, my feelings for you are violently escalating and growing in size…
Now with you always on my mind, is there much left of my heart to fill?

You’ve intruded on my glancing thought and crept into my dreams,
Pumping something more than blood through each thin, busy vein.
I can’t concentrate on anything but you and your beauty, it seems;
Perhaps I’ve finally snapped and gone completely insane.
What’s really maddening is that I have the world to say to you
And all the universe’s depth and space to share into your heart.
Though, my pen only holds so much ink of blue;
Putting my words together is the hardest part.
Even then, I wouldn’t know where to start…

This is a personal favorite of mine from grade 11. There aren’t many poems I’ve written where sentence flow and rhythm aren’t the most important component, but this one was good in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I had writing and revisiting it. I might make a revision sometime soon.



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