Young & Me

Had I found myself as a small timid youth
I’d have him sit and tell the truth.
What to do in years to come
With no taste of pain and numb.
Eyes glossed with wonder
Voice sure as thunder,
He exclaimed in certainty.

“I want to fly and love
To sweet skies above,
And days have misfortune void of.
To be strong and in good health
Perhaps own the world’s wealth
With a lady’s hand and shiny coins
And a loud house from my loins.
Surely, a lady of virtue and care
Shan’t be the beautiful rare
With whom our lives, we’d share
Among warm and cool air…”

Intentions are pure, heart of gold
Great measures of hope to hold…
These ignorant wishes, aimless shot
My younger dream, the impossible lot!
Surely green eyes aren’t blind
To Fate’s unkind dealings, signed
In reality’s blood?

Oh, how I would show this bud
The way and shape of misfortune!
Though, looking upon his face
Smooth as the sweetest lace,
My tongue fell silent.

What is a youth’s folly but shame?
This child and I share the same name
Though I trudged around toil and blame…
Had my arrow been sharp and handled true aim
Would demon and heart be tame?

“You needn’t worry of giant or beast
When your dream was to dine and feast.
I relish the thought of holding my goal
Up high, dripping sweat and tear as the toll!
Perhaps when I grow and learn,
I’ll earn that for which you yearn.”


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