My Love is Home | Fallen Juliet

Lost in the comfort of your eyes;
I feel my worries and pain disappear.
My heart bangs against the cage that
Is my body. It wishes for freedom.
We moved closer, erasing the space between
Us. I am certain I took upon the
Face of an angel. Your smile makes me melt…
And then I think I’m in heaven.
I cannot feel the ground beneath my
Feet…I forgot where I am, but I
Don’t care…All I know is that your lips
Are against mine, and I feel safe.
My heart free itself from its cage
And is soaring…my pulse is racing;
It feels like we’ve been here forever.
We both pull away, and I look into
Your face, realizing where I am with you…


This is a poem of our first kiss at my friend’s house  2 weeks after his birthday party. After nervous shuffling and the urgent notification of her grandmother’s abrupt arrival to pick her up, I felt that I needed this. Somehow, she knew my intentions and followed me and retreated into the laundry room and shut the door behind us.

Pulse increasing beyond belief, I couldn’t handle the sense of longing for her… I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her. A frenzy of shivers and thunderclaps filled our hideaway with such a grand celebration of bliss! She surrendered her tease-filled attempt to withdraw from my loving embrace, and we enjoyed what was (at the time), the most passionate single moment of my life…

I like this piece, however crude and formless I find it to be now. This is not the first one she for me. There were a ton of others that we exchanged between ourselves once we realized that we both shared a passion for creative writing. Impressing both with our words of precision and discipline, our “unbreakable” bond and tie to the other began the summer prior. However, time and our demise has claimed the life of those some-odd hundred other pieces. This is the last poem that remains from her skillful hand with me.



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