Your Touch

A spark, rich tinder to the flame
The rush of love, insanity.
The bolt that shocks the coolest night
Makes pain a distant profanity.
This peace, the blood to my heart
Pulse darting and dashing about.
The tender warmth of a thousand suns
Soothes the ravaged soul
sweet and tart.

Apart from thy light, oh spare me the plight;
Let such a dread be a thread.
Small and thin, as others had fallen
Scars that no longer are swollen…
The healing she gave, my life she did save
The joyous heavens have blessed.
Like metal to heat or water to pot,
She melts all my anger and stress…

Such is the relief her sacred hold brings,
The cradle amidst the wind.
Caught in her bind,
with whole heart and mind
It’s such a great pleasure to sing!


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